“We exist, not merely to transact with you.
We live, to transform your marketing edge.”


Our story starts with the desire to skill up professionals with stronger digital marketing savviness and raise the effectiveness of digital communications. A scan round the social media and marketing efforts by organisations show these issues:

Clutter – The media scene is too crowded and it is hard to stand out.

Dis-Content – Contents are not laser-focused and key messages are lost.

Dis-Engagement – If contents are lost, there is insufficient engagement by consumers.

Gathering all the years of accumulated knowledge and experience in digital marketing, Sandra Tan, Founder of Esteem Communications decided to work with a team of experts to provide comprehensive omni-channel marketing efforts to support large corporations and local SMEs, Sandra is also recognised as a Master Trainer in Digital Marketing, and a seasoned Content and Digital Marketing Strategist. 

We believe we can help create a better marketing edge and communication style  that will result in more leads, more sales and more opportunities. 


Our aim is to enable and empower leaders and organisations to be more effective in their communication & marketing skills. Thereafter, to influence others for growth and development at work, on the web or in life.