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Esteem Communications is a digital marketing consultancy that provides Training, Consulting & Coaching services to leaders and organisations.

At Esteem Communications, we devote our efforts to elevate your business to be competitive through effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

In our training, we use REAL LIFE scenarios to give relevant and unique learning experiences. We tailor our styles to suit our clients with the aim of building effective and digitally-savvy marketers.

We encourage team building in our training, and team accountability in our consulting work. Together, we aim to up your game in work and life.

Mastery of Skills –

Esteem Communications provides an array of courses and skills-mastery programmes to elevate the learning & development of organisations.
Led by Master Trainer & Coach, Sandra Tan, the key areas of training include:

* Digital Marketing,
* Social Media Marketing
* Branding
* Ecommerce Marketing

With years of experience in training and coaching, Sandra will brighten up classes with her wit and knowledge, and bring great value to all participants – in learning and leaping to new knowledge and experiences.

Omni Channel Marketing – Consulting

With a team of experts in the digital marketing field, Esteem Communications is best at enabling companies to grow their business in the digital realm and beyond.

Building a comprehensive campaign including offline and online channels, Esteem’s edge is putting together a detailed campaign to help generate revenue for companies. The end game would be to bring in sales leads, media connections and networking opportunities. Coupled with Sandra’s strength in communications, copywriting and video scripting are all added in the package.

Brand & Communications – Executive Coaching

Branding and Communications are a big part of Esteem Communications’ offerings. Under our wings, we will provide the right identity, the right word and communication for you, the leader, or for your company.. To the effect that you or your company will stand out as a thought leader, an influencer and a strong competitor.

We’re talking about serious coaching and guidance in branding and communications, and this involves one-to-one sessions for deep attention, to enhance your learning experience.

Our Team

No matter what your communications or marketing needs are, we are able to develop suitable solutions for your company – whether in training, consulting or coaching. We have professionals from various industries to provide unique learning experiences for you.

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